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Wireframes on paper

Updated: Sep 10

To start putting the ideas into a visual format that will be digitised, first- we must draw.

There are some general rules for paper wireframes that will help you identify common UX elements. The cross inside a square will usually be filled with an image. Lines indicate text and long rectangles are buttons. Circles are commonly used as placeholders for iconography- you can also write the word 'LOGO' if you feel like making this point even more clear or use a wireframe stencil to draw popular iconography into the wireframe directly. .

“All Art is but dirtying the paper delicately" John Ruskin

All of the pages

When you are drawing the wireframes it's important to make sure you have one for every page in the user flow. When you make the wireframes cutting them out and lining them up will help you understand the steps the user takes to complete a flow. It is usually more obvious that you have missed a step when you cannot complete an action because the page doesn't exist.

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