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WYSIWYG(Wizzy-wig) 'What you see is what you get' is used in design as a rule to help the user navigate without difficulty.

People have been refining the design of tech since there was tech to be designed. In the apple user interface guidelines handbook from 1986 they have outlined the major issues.

There is a definite difference between digital products that are User-friendly and digital products that are User-centred. They talk about the language of tech being metaphorical and heavily linked to common visual references that people in the western world can easily grasp. This reminds me of a section in the Google course about expecting people to understand visual cues based on their cultural background. As visual designers you have to make sure to follow common design practices for the sake of usability.

Apple also make the point of users not liking manuals and having a strong preference for clicking until they the response they want. This is where UX design can really ease the experience; giving the user a chance to leave the flow and return back can be beneficial for people to change their minds and explore your product.

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